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*PLEASE NOTE /M = Per Thousand

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Turf Magazine Email, published by Group C Media, contains recipients of a magazine for landscape and lawn care companies, landscape contractors, golf course superintendents, landscape architects, dealers, nurseries, municipalities, parks, etc. published in 4 regional editions.

Minimum Order:

5,000 Records

Commission / Credit Policy:

20% to Recognized Brokers. 15% to Recognized Agencies.

Cancel Charges:

All POSTAL/TELEMARKETING orders cancelled prior to the mail date will incur a $50.00 flat cancellation fee, $15.00/M run charges, plus applicable shipping charges. All EMAIL orders cancelled prior to email date will incur a $125.00 flat cancellation fee, plus applicable production / run charges. No cancellations will be accepted after the mail or email date.

Standard Turnaround Time:

One Business Day

Target Region:

  • Domestic


  • One Time Use unless otherwise agreed upon

Available Counts:

Gender $15.00/M
Select Count
Male 38,998
Female 4,967
Primary Business $20.00/M
Select Count
Lawn Care Company 23,918
Facilities Management 9,350
Landscape Contractor 8,097
Lawn and Grounds Care 3,250
Other 1,706
Landscape Arch/Des Contract 894
Tree Services/Aborist/Tree Farm 725
Nursery/Garden Center 518
University/Extension Agents 401
Custom Chemical Applicator 320
Irrigation Contractors 294
Sod Producer/Turf Farm 203
Turf Seed Grower 51
Job Title $20.00/M
Select Count
Owner, Executive, Administrative 34,040
Facilities Management Professional 8,452
Manager, Superintendent, Director 5,879
Other 585
Specialist 576
Dealer,Distributor,Sales Representative 237
Government Official 94
Annual Revenue $20.00/M
Select Count
Less than 500,000 7,751
500,000-999,999 1,604
1,000,000-1,499,999 910
1,500,000-1,999,999 380
2,000,000-4,000,000 752
More than 4,000,000 1,073
Services $20.00/M
Select Count
Landscape Maintenance 14,117
Lawn Mowing 13,570
Weed Control 10,176
Fertilization 9,970
Seeding & Sodding 9,098
Landscape Design 8,159
Turf Aeration 7,872
Irrigation 7,641
Snow Removal & Ice Management 7,592
Hardscape 7,465
Landscape Lighting 7,376
Bedding Plants & Color Installation 7,247
Tree Services 7,203
Lawn Care 6,644
Disease & Insect Control 6,008
Excavation 5,312
Erosion Control 4,827
Water Features 4,429
Hydro Seeding 3,180
Other 797
Residential Business Mix $20.00/M
Select Count
0-25% 1,493
26-50% 2,107
51-75% 2,511
76-100% 4,085
Commercial Business Mix $20.00/M
Select Count
0-25% 4,907
26-50% 2,660
51-75% 933
76-100% 1,451
Snow Removal $20.00/M
Select Count
Yes 10,477

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List Update Frequency:

Updated Quarterly

Selection Pricing:

Selection Price
Annual Revenue $20.00/M
Job Title $20.00/M
Primary Business $20.00/M
Gender $15.00/M
Geography $15.00/M
Snow Removal $20.00/M
Services $20.00/M
Residential Business Mix $20.00/M
Commercial Business Mix $20.00/M

Production Charges

Charge Price
Email Transmission Run Charge $75.00/M
Email Setup $50.00/F
Email Suppress $75.00/F
Email Personalization $10.00/M

Additional Charges May Apply

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Phone: 800-529-9020
Fax: 201-529-4030
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