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List Recommendations

The Information Refinery has more than 28 years experience finding the very best mailing, telemarketing, and email lists at the lowest possible prices for every type of client with every type of offer. Let us make a professional recommendation for your next mailing! You'll be pleasantly surprised at the many fresh list ideas we will provide and thrilled at the money we can save you!

The Information Refinery's List Brokerage Department works closely with a wide array of companies, from large established multinational companies to the smallest local start-up businesses. We do all that we can to ensure that our clients' marketing efforts create the quality sales leads and increased customer awareness needed to help fuel their company's growth and prosperity.

Your Data

Our experienced and ethical brokerage staff can help our clients to carefully analyze their current in-house customer files in order to identify important information such as the type of business, size of business, location, and more for our BtoB clients; and demographic and other important information for our clients who sell directly to consumers. This process of research and customer analysis helps us to pinpoint which of the more than 65,000 available marketing lists will be most effective for each client, and also helps us to select the best categories from each list so that clients can concentrate their direct mail, telemarketing, and/or email efforts on the exact type of business or consumer prospect most likely to become their best customer.

Successful Marketing

The Information Refinery works closely with each of our clients to develop extremely effective and successful marketing plans. Our experienced staff offers in depth market research and analysis to help our clients to more effectively target their marketing efforts. This research and analysis, combined with close consultation between The Information Refinery and our clients, enables us to provide the very best lists for all of their direct marketing campaigns. This individualized approach also helps us to refine and focus each list even further by selecting only those list segments which allow our clients to concentrate their marketing efforts on their very best prospects.

List Suppression

The Information Refinery can also suppress our clients' in-house customer lists from any new list rental projects, thus preventing duplication and ultimately lowering list acquisition costs dramatically. This service has proven to be a of tremendous value to our clients. This is especially true because we provide this service for free or at minimal cost, while most other list companies charge premium prices for list suppression if they are able to provide it all.

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