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*PLEASE NOTE /M = Per Thousand

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Packaging Technology Today Magazine is designed to keep packaging professionals current on equipment, machinery, materials and business services. 60% Male, 40% Female

Minimum Order:

5,000 Records

Commission / Credit Policy:

20% to Recognized Brokers. 15% to Recognized Agencies.

Cancel Charges:

All POSTAL orders cancelled prior to the mail date will incur a $50.00 flat cancellation fee, $15.00/M run charges, plus applicable shipping charges. All EMAIL orders cancelled prior to email date will incur a $125.00 flat cancellation fee, plus applicable production / run charges. No cancellations will be accepted after the email date.

Standard Turnaround Time:

One Business Day

Target Region:

  • Domestic


  • One Time Use unless otherwise agreed upon

Available Counts:

Gender $15.00/M
Select Count
Male 38,117
Female 6,164
Phone Number $50.00/M
Select Count
Total 67,824
Email Address $325.00/M
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Total 4,445
Business Type $20.00/M
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Packaging Machinery 6,724
Paper; Coated & Laminated Packaging 3,561
Meat Packing Plant 3,560
Paper; Coated & Laminated 2,861
Bottled & Canned Soft Drinks 1,760
Bags: Plastic, Laminated, and Coated Bags 1,567
Die-Cut Paper & Board 1,485
Macaroni & Spaghetti 1,410
Food Preparations 1,370
Bread, Cake, and Related 1,281
Malt Beverages 1,254
Paper Mills 1,188
Corrugated and Solid Fiber Boxes 1,010
Plastic Products 968
Creamery Butter 905
Beet Sugar 884
Prepared Feeds 881
Dog & Cat Food 855
Converted Paper Products 848
Pulp Mills 590
Flavoring Extracts and Syrups 559
Candy, and Other Confectionery Products 553
Canned and Cured Fish Seafoods 540
Envelopes 521
Business Services 521
Manufactured Ice 521
Canned Fruits and Specialties 497
Roasted Coffee 495
Bags: Uncoated Paper & Multiwall Bags 421
Wines, Brandy, and Brandy Spirits 413
Potato Chips and Similar Snacks 404
Frozen Specialties 396
Poultry Slaughtering and Processing 393
Commercial Printing 372
Special Industrial Machinery 367
Pharmaceutical Preparations 360
Setup Paperboard Boxes 359
Unsupported Plastics Film and Sheet 336
Fiber Cans, Drums, and Similar Products 320
Canned Specialties 307
Pickles, Sauces, and Salad Dressings 306
Folding Paperboard Boxes 297
Flour and Other Grain Mill Products 296
Plastics Foam Products 281
Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables, Soups 273
Sanitary Food Containers 268
Laminated Plastics 268
Special Dies, Tools, Jigs, and Fixtures 255
Vegetable Oil Mills 228
Medicinals and Botanicals 162
Industrial Machinery & Equipment 114
Metal Coating & Allied Services 32
Commercial Laundry Equipment 31
Waterproof Outerwear 10
Chemicals 6
Metal Sanitary Ware 4
Stationary & Office Supplies 3

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Updated Quarterly

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Selection Price
Business Type $20.00/M
Phone Number $50.00/M
Gender $15.00/M
Geography $15.00/M
Email Address $325.00/M

Production Charges

Charge Price
Electronic Delivery $65.00/F
Key Coding $5.00/M
Title Slugging $10.00/M
Email Transmission Run Charge $75.00/M
Email Setup $50.00/F
Email Suppress $75.00/F
Email Personalization $10.00/M

Additional Charges May Apply

The Information Refinery, Inc.
1200 MacArthur Blvd
Suite 104
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Phone: 800-529-9020
Fax: 201-529-4030
All prices posted are accurate as of the time each data card was published. Actual current pricing may vary slightly due to recent list owner increase or decrease.