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*PLEASE NOTE /M = Per Thousand

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Published by TMB Publishing, PHC News (Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor News) serves the plumbing, heating, and piping markets. This responsive list includes contractors involved in Plumbing, Hydronic Heat, Baths & Kitchens, Process Pipe, Sprinkler/Alarms, Private Water Systems, Radiant Heat, and more. Recipients include job titles such as Presidents, Owners, Vice Presidents, Treasurers, General Managers, Supervisors, Foremen, Estimators, Salesmen, and Engineers. Selects include Type of Contractor, Job Title, Number of Employees, Annual Sales Volume, Number of Trucks, and Type of Construction.

Minimum Order:

5,000 Records

Commission / Credit Policy:

20% to Recognized Brokers. 15% to Recognized Agencies.

Cancel Charges:

All POSTAL/TELEMARKETING orders cancelled prior to the mail date will incur a $50.00 flat cancellation fee, $15.00/M run charges, plus applicable shipping charges. All EMAIL orders cancelled prior to email date will incur a $125.00 flat cancellation fee, plus applicable production / run charges. No cancellations will be accepted after the mail or email date.

Standard Turnaround Time:

One Business Day

Target Region:

  • Domestic


  • One Time Use unless otherwise agreed upon

Available Counts:

Gender $15.00/M
Select Count
Male 20,587
Female 2,799
Type of Contracting Work $20.00/M
Select Count
Plumbing 16,740
Hydronic Heat 13,598
Radiant Heat 10,511
Bath/Kitchen 8,872
Process Pipe 7,488
Private Water Systems 6,367
Other 5,308
Sprinkler / Fire Protection 4,413
Job Title $20.00/M
Select Count
President / Owner 17,716
General Manager 2,557
Vice President 2,010
Supervisor 1,357
Foreman 868
Sales 863
Engineer 729
Estimator 484
Secretary / Treasurer 165
Other 51
Number of Employees $20.00/M
Select Count
1-4 8,436
5-9 5,923
10-19 5,225
20-49 4,092
50-99 1,520
100-249 868
250-499 256
500 or more 351
Annual Sales Volume $20.00/M
Select Count
Under $100,000 4,128
$100-000-$499,999 1,438
$500,000-$999,999 2,592
$1,000,000-$4,999,999 4,749
$5,000,000-$9,999,999 1,279
$10,000,000 and over 1,692
Number of Trucks $20.00/M
Select Count
1-5 Trucks 3,804
6-19 Trucks 1,579
20-49 Trucks 536
50 or more 314
Type of Construction Activity $20.00/M
Select Count
Service / Maintenance / Repair 5,689
Commercial / Institutional 5,528
New Construction 4,669
Industrial 2,861
Other 359
Type of Construction Fields $25.00/M
Select Count
Residential one to three unites / Houses 5,328
Commercial / Institutional 5,170
Industrial 2,485
Other 292
Residential Four or more units / Apartments 27
Primary Business $20.00/M
Select Count
Contractor 26,093
Non-Contractor 537

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Updated Quarterly

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Selection Price
Annual Sales Volume $20.00/M
Type of Construction Fields $25.00/M
Type of Construction Activity $20.00/M
Job Title $20.00/M
Primary Business $20.00/M
Geography $15.00/M
Gender $15.00/M
Number of Trucks $20.00/M
Type of Contracting Work $20.00/M
Number of Employees $20.00/M

Production Charges

Charge Price
Email Transmission Run Charge $75.00/M
Email Setup $50.00/F
Email Suppress $75.00/F
Email Personalization $10.00/M

Additional Charges May Apply

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All prices posted are accurate as of the time each data card was published. Actual current pricing may vary slightly due to recent list owner increase or decrease.