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GPS World Magazine, published by North Coast Media, covers all aspects of the global satellite navigation industry, delivering the freshest, most comprehensive GPS/GNSS related news to executives, project and engineering managers, designers, researchers and system developers in a $7 billion market. This file can be selected by primary business, job title, purchasing authority, product interest, and more.

Minimum Order:

5,000 Records

Commission / Credit Policy:

20% to Recognized Brokers. 15% to Recognized Agencies.

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All POSTAL orders cancelled prior to the mail date will incur a $50.00 flat cancellation fee, $15.00/M run charges, plus applicable shipping charges. All EMAIL orders cancelled prior to email date will incur a $125.00 flat cancellation fee, plus applicable production / run charges. No cancellations will be accepted after the email date.

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Five Business Days

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Primary Business $20.00/M
Select Count
Survey 12,973
Defense 5,020
Wireless 4,523
Professional OEM 2,463
Transportation 1,812
Distributors and Resellers 1,450
GNSS System 1,154
Machine control / Agriculture 768
Others 1,673
Job Title $20.00/M
Select Count
Program Manager 20,428
Corporate, General Manager 6,968
Other 1,963
Manufacturing, Production, Operations, Field Manager or Staff Member 1,355
Marketing, Sales Personnel 804
Purchasing Authority $25.00/M
Select Count
Authorize Expenditures 6,639
Specify Requirements 4,758
None of the Above 2,956
Write Proposals, RFPs 2,202
Products and Services $25.00/M
Select Count
GPS Antennas 7,616
Software - Mapping 5,951
Digital Maps or Map Database 5,751
GPS Receivers - Handheld 5,596
Software - GPS Related Inet 5,486
Geographic Info Systems 5,336
DGPS Receivers 4,913
Software - Surveying 4,802
GPS - Surveying 4,704
GPS Receiver Chips, ICS 4,495
GPS - Computer GPS Cards / Mods 4,135
GPS - Automatic Vehicle Location 3,998
Software - Pre and Post Processing 3,993
GPS Receivers - Tracking 3,970
GPS - Receivers - Software 3,846
GPS - Altitude / Direction 3,675
DGPS Correction Services 3,663
GPS - Geodetic / Geophysical 3,628
Other / Non-GPS Sensors 3,457
Vehicle Location / Tracking 3,445
Software - Mission Planning 3,360
Radio Frequency Integrated 3,236
GPS - Receivers - Timing 3,226
Tracking Services 3,182
GPS - OEM Modules / Engines / Chips 3,182
GPS Receivers - Aviation 3,074
Timing, Frequency Systems 2,861
Satelite Signal Simulator 2,846
DSP-IC 2,768
GPS Receivers - Marine 2,766
GPS Receivers - Military 2,649
Software - Orbit Analysis 2,407

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Updated Quarterly

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Selection Price
Products and Services $25.00/M
Purchasing Authority $25.00/M
Job Title $20.00/M
Primary Business $20.00/M
Geography $15.00/M
Gender $15.00/M

Production Charges

Charge Price
Title Slugging $65.00/M
Email Transmission Run Charge (HW) $100.00/M
Email Setup $50.00/F
Email Suppress $75.00/F
Email Personalization $10.00/M

Additional Charges May Apply

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